Brushing your teeth, egoless.

I am starting a blog here, since I realized my thoughts are better said out loud than kept inside, and go around circles, until they come out like a crazy FB status…

..I have always thought you are a better adviser to others than yourself, maybe because your ego only possesses your own self and doesn’t let you look at yourself as easily as looking at others. Ego could and would only protect itself. So if there is nothing in it for ego, it will step aside and let your real self and your intuition take over..

Ego, if only we could easily distinguish our ego from our true self. It can be our biggest enemy, but also our best tool.. We all know how to use our ego to work for us, but not many of us know how to stop it from hurting us.. 

I have been reading, practicing, thinking, meditating, and I have come a long way since few years ago when I was first introduced to my false self. But the fact is, being present is not something you learn and you just have it forever, it is the same as eating, breathing, brushing your teeth maybe; first you have to remember to be present, force yourself to be present everyday, and after a while becomes a routine, if we are strong enough to stick to it. 

Now why being present? Being present in the moment means just absorbing what is around you, feel the moment instead of thinking about the past, because the fact is; the past and the future are nothing but a thought right now, and if you’re not thinking about them, the ego is resting, so there you go; If you want your ego to leave you alone, just be in the moment.. 

It’s that simple, just like brushing your teeth 



One thought on “Brushing your teeth, egoless.

  1. Yes! I fully agree. You must keep doing it until the ego is not an enemy but a friend that has been accepted and let go. You and I are on the same journey. Live in present reality and let your thoughts have space. Non attachment is key.


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