Woman’s Worth

 I am not sure if it is a woman’s day in every house or every relationship today, but I wish it was.

After your heart gets broken by a man, by a strong man that you felt worth opening your heart to after a long time, if a whole world tells you and reminds you of your worth, all you see is some foggy pictures on the side of your sight, and you see a man in the middle that is not looking at you… That is when you know you have lost your worth..

A woman’s worth is no different than a man’s worth, other than the fact that a man’s worth is known by a man himself.. You can not expect a man to know your worth if you haven’t yourself. 

A women’s worth is not to be known by weather or not she sleeps with a guy too soon, or she gives her heart to him to soon, or how much work she has done for others or how many children she has raised or how successful she has been in a man’s world…  A woman’s worth is known when she accepts herself for who she is and she stands up for who she is… A woman’s worth is known only when a woman knows her worth…

Be a woman and know that men are only stronger because they think they are… Be strong and you will see they will forget that you are a woman, only to be reminded by their ego…

A mirror only shows what is in front of it, respect the one you see, because that is the one that was given for you to use as your power.. 



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