Billboards or Diaries…

I have realized something over the time;

That I have to protect my desires and life purposes. When I keep it to myself and quiet, it gets protected from the negative energy around it.

Ever since I was 10 I knew that if I want to make something happen I don’t want to tell anyone about it, until it is a reality. I thought it was just coming from a superstitious mind, but recently realized why that was; If others don’t know, they won’t feed you their negative energy and thoughts, haters won’t participate in your ego feeds.

And another trick is not to think about. I know they have always said that you have to desire and then let it go. And now I know why; the less you contemplate on it, the less your ego wants to get involved, any of my desires that I have received and became a reality, were desires that just thought of one afternoon and then forgot about it. You focus on life and the present moment, and not let “thoughts” to participate in your purpose. Your purpose comes from above. So stop trying to explain it to yourself or anyone else. Protect your desires from your ego and others…

So as carrie brawshaw always started her notes with; I can’t help but wonder:

Are billboards more effective or our diaries… Which one comes first? it is a no a brainer is it? Our desires and life purpose belong to our diaries, keep it there and sign off on it and put it in nightstand drawer.

Billboards will come to your help once you are ready to announce to the world what you have achieved and which page of your diary is ready to be published.

So protect your desires, protect your purpose. Be quiet about it, if you don’t tell others about it, they cant talk you out of it, a short thought for the day, try it and let me know what happens. 



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