You can’t walk out with one shoe

Have you ever been in a situation that wanted to let go of a thought or feeling or someone or a incident in the past but you just couldn’t? It is so easy to say let go isn’t it? People keep saying just let it go, and all I can say is; it’s not like I can just put it in a garbage is it? 

You keep going back and forth that I couldn’t have done this to prevent it from happening, I could have said this,… Shoulda Woulda Coulda ..

But then I read a sentence somewhere, it said: ” When the pain of holding on is worse than the pain of letting go, it is time to let go.” And it made me wonder why is it so hard to let go.

And I started to trace back and see what is the root of it. I thought the reason is hard because we still feel something, because although that person is gone, the memory is there, if an incident has passed the effect is there. So they leave but they don’t take the rest with them.

A pair of shoes, the most beautiful shoes we have, always makes us feel better right? when we put it on, when we look at them in our closet, but have you ever lost one of them? You keep looking at the one you have left, and it doesn’t make you feel good anymore, all it reminds you off is that you can’t wear it because you need the other one. All this beautiful shoe makes you feel now is sad, makes you wanna go back and trace your way back and see if you can find it, makes you want to keep blaming yourself that why didn’t you pay more attention not to lose it. Would you continue doing that? Would you take out the one you have left and look at it every morning? Would you want to wear that one and walk out with one shoe missing?

No you don’t. It will come a day that you finally say, this is useless, you will throw it out. And you will walk out the door with another pair of shoes.

And you can guess what will happen next, you will walk pass a shoe store, and you will see a more beautiful shoe in the window. Are you still thinking about the shoe you lost? no.. 

These are our thoughts, when something doesn’t happen, or goes wrong, or someone leaves us, because of whatever reason, it is not WHOLE anymore, that person left, and turned in to only one shoe. the other one is gone, so all exists is the one shoe, the thought, the effect, the feelings. 

Throw out the other shoe and walk out the door with another.



One thought on “You can’t walk out with one shoe

  1. "When the pain of holding on is worse than the pain of letting go, it is time to let go." This is very helpful. Your blog is wonderful.


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