Heads or Tales

Have you ever been in a state that you were trying to make a decision, and you couldn’t stop asking others what to do? 

You would walk around from one friend to another, and ask them what do they think you should do. 

Have you ever thought why don’t you just make up your mind after your talk with the first person, the first person you trust their opinion? Why do you try 20 different people ? Why couldn’t you still make up your mind? 

You guessed it, because you are not satisfied with the answers, you are hoping for a different one. Yes, you do know what you want, and you are waiting to hear it from someone else, to get a validation, because you are not ready to trust yourself. 

Or you do not want to do something in your heart and the options they give you don’t sit with your heart, and you desperately trying to convince yourself with the help of others.

 Is this your resistance to the decision you keep hearing? is the universe trying to tell you to do it? Or is it that you have to stop asking and go for what you are hoping to hear?

What do you do when you go shopping, if you really want something do you ask everyone around if this look nice, should I get it? No, you grab it and go to the cashier. You only ask others which one to get when you are trying to convince yourself to buy something, the fact is you don’t want neither! Non of those options are in your heart.

 If I am running around asking others to help me make a decision, if i can not make up my mind, it is because I am not ready to trust my gut feeling, or neither options are coming from my heart. If you really hate what you are hearing from others, and you say; I guess, sure, I guess this is the right thing to do,… You are loathing that choice with all your heart, stay away from it, because you will see the consequences later on. So, the trick is; Only ask once. You will have your answer. 

Have you heard that trick with flipping the coin? Yes the one that you flip a coin to make a decision? Try it. Flip the coin, and see which side you were hoping to come on, that is your answer 🙂



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