Beautifully harmonized circumstance which brings you to a perfectly whole moment that makes you finally feel there is a higher power who has designed everything for you to come to this moment. I have had those moments quite a few times in my life so far, and when you are in that moment you do feel that you are being served by the universe and all you need to do is let go and open your hands receive it. I always felt that when you see signs and when you feel that you have to go to that certain direction, you have to try to make it happen now. if I see a sign which tells me I have to move somewhere, I need to try to make that happen. Think about it night and day and see how I can find a way. And I have finally realized I have been wrong;  

The more I push and the more I am dedicated to those signs and try to use those guides to make it happen, the further I am from that destination. I thought maybe if you are pushing to go towards the signs, and what universe is telling you to do, then it is ok. It’s ok to push to go where you are suppose to go. And to my no surprise I realized the other day that I was wrong and why this has not been working for me. No matter what the goal is and what the direction is and if it is in alignment with the universe’s plan for you or not, pushing towards a certain out come does not work. Not only doesn’t get you anywhere and you hit the wall over and over, but keeps you from seeing the directions that universe is giving you along the way. 

So what am I suppose to do when I see signs? What am I being told here?  I was being told about this over and over by more advanced spiritual seekers but I always argued and never understood until I watched the movie Serendipity. I know on first glance just looks like a cliche romantic comedy movie, but it is not. Sometimes you get your A-ha moments at most random times and with most random tools. So this made the whole blueprint of signs clear for me. Serendipity is about two people that cross path randomly and decide to follow the signs to see if they are meant to be with each other. But the thing is; The more they try to follow the signs and find each other again, the further they get from each other, one wall after another. And it is only at times of total surrender and giving up that they get directed by universe towards each other. I finally understood what others were trying to tell me. 

He flew across country to find her, only that he didn’t know she was in his town looking for him. He looked for her book all over the city to find her phone number, only that it was given to him by his own fiancĂ© at the time of total surrender. Now I am not saying this mean you need to give up. But be there and observe what is happening. Go with your feelings instead of pushing for something to happen. They both believed in signs, but they didn’t know how to use them. And once they realized what they didn’t want, and started focusing on the present moment and the relationships they did not want to be in, they were ready to receive it from the universe. As you see by the end of the movie, the most skeptic friend of the girl tells her; “No, don’t try to find him, you just need to be here, I can feel it in the air, just be here” And the clue from the universe comes out of her mouth without her even knowing when she says; ” Put on a jacket, it’s freezing out here.” And sure enough that leads her to him, sitting in the middle of the ice ring, completely open to what universe brings him, and still holding on to the one cashmere glove he has of her… 

So, I finally realized; Have faith in the universe and its fate. Look around and see the signs, but try not to fly across country to make it happen, hold on to the glove and wait for him to walk towards you, by just being there. Signs are there to make you alert about the now. They are there to tell you watch out for my next move and be ready when I tell you when to act. Be open and ready like a feather and let the universe drags you wherever you are suppose to go, you will never know when and how you are going to be directed to what you desire. Be aware and stop running around in book stores for the book, it will be handed to you by the last person you could think of, you just have to be there to receive it. Hold on to that black cashmere glove, and wait for the other one to fall in to your lap. Our life is a basket made of Serendipity, a fortunate designed “accident”. 



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