I have decided to add a section for those of us that are looking to align our physical body with our souls and learn how to align our food with what was intended. Recently I have discovered the truth about the effect of what we eat and the relevant energy levels and the most interesting part to me; the effect of unaligned food on our body and soul.  

I have been trying to get rid of a condition I have, called Endometriosis which lots of women have these days, and along researching for alternative methods other than hormone injections, I discovered I might actually be able to help my body to heal itself.  

I have always thought it is not natural to have a condition just for no reason, and when doctors say it just happens, it was not acceptable to me. So balancing my hormones and energy inside has become my new mission these days. I am starting this page to let you guys know how things will go along this journey, it might help you to reconsider your diet as well.  


I am starting a detox program as soon as I receive the kit that I have ordered, followed by the hormone balancing program with the herbs that I have ordered. I will get into the detail of it as I start my journey.  


In the meantime, I have to mention one special discovery again and emphasize on that; Balancing the energy inside the body is the best thing I have done since I can remember. Cleaning out chakras and meditating on it basically helped my PMS to disappear over few hours. I wasn’t very hopeful when I started to do it, because usually I have extremely long and strong pain, but I woke up with no pain after meditating on it for a while before sleep. So try it and let me know if it worked for you as well.  


I am excited to start my new chapter in life, eating what my body needs and not my ego.  

Stay tuned, 




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