Beer or Wine?

I started my new eating habit this week. I know it is not technically a habit, if you have just started, but I am calling it a habit because anything that is done for 21 days will turn into a habit, and this is the only way to continue đŸ™‚

As I mentioned before, I am starting a detox soon and I decided to get myself ready to the new lifestyle, by stop eating whatever my body does not agree to. So basically, no yeast, no dairy, no meat, and almost I can say Vegan, with the exception of eggs, seems like my body doesn’t mind having eggs or sea food, and I believe in step by step stomach work out.Hopefully by the end of 21 days I will be completely into it.

So the report for the first week;

It was tough I have to say, not eating meet, since most recipes I knew included some kind of meet. But I discovered actually veggies are a lot easier and faster to cook, only if you know you HAVE to do it, that is when you discover what a pleasure it is for your time and money!

Zuccinies and eggplants became my best friend this first week, try it, all you need is some olive oil and salt and pepper, you’re good to go for a sandwich.

My second challenge was eating out at work. Having to find a healthy meal with no dairy and meat and enough protein was difficult. I realized though that if you look a bit harder, any cafeteria has some kind of option, like I found brown rise with lentil which I had not even seen on the options before. But passing by those fried chickens and mash potatoes was hard I have to say. The good news is after 4th day, I had so much energy and I felt so good and light and flying like a feather, that I did’t even want to get close to those foods. The pleasure of this kind of eating was more than the pleasure of the one before, so it did make me want to walk away. It is the same as working out, once you start, and you see how great you feel, you never want to go back to sitting on the couch.

And finally my last challenge this week was; going out with friends. Beer, oh beer. I like beer a lot, and I knew once I go out with friends, they are going to be drinking beer all night and I would like to keep up. But I found out that Beer has yeast in it, therefore I should avoid it. What was my better option, wine or at least something with no yeast in it. I realized that although I love beer and the effect of it on me; Slowly going through my veins and making me happy for few hours, my body was now conscious about the effect of it on me, as I sipped through my one tap of beer which I had restricted myself into, I felt it. I did not enjoy it and I passed.

It came to me that once you are conscious on what you put in your body, your body becomes conscious as well, and just rejects it right away. So I drank my glass of wine and for a reward I had a glass of rum and ginger ( to calm down my poor stomach) and enjoyed my rest of the night with my friends, while watching them emptying those pitchers of beer.

So it turns out, sticking to that glass of wine and turning down that glass full of yeast, is not as hard as I thought it would be. We are capable of lot more than what we think we are, if only we give ourselves a chance.

To sum up for this first week; I have ton of energy and %100 more upbeat. I smile and laugh a lot more than before. I look better than I did during the whole last year, and my muscles have started to come out of the woodwork with every work out I do, a lot faster and easier than they did before.

I am hoping this improvement will have me ready for the detox, but no matter how hard, I am sure my body will love it, so far so good.

P.S. Maca Root makes you feel amazing all day. Try it and you will have it 247.



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