Raw and Cocoa

Ok, the second week didn’t go as smoothly as the first week I have to say. 

It was fine until I basically ran out of time and food to eat. When you get busy and don’t plan and think about what you’re going to eat, it makes it hard to follow a new habit, because automatically you’re going to do things that got you here in the first place. I realized it was still too soon to put my guards down and get comfortable about it. I have to pay attention for another few weeks until I would automatically behave the way I need to. 

By mid week, my body started to have a reaction to all the new meals I was having. Not the pretty part of the detox I have to say, in the bathroom every hour and has been going on for 3 days now. But I still feel energized, light and healthy. 

The bloating and stomach pains are almost totally gone as well. I sleep much better even though I don’t feel totally full when I go to bed. I use to feel quite bad if I did’t feel full at the end of the night. But now, I sleep like a baby.

I have different smoothies every morning, so I wont get sick of the powders and herbs that I am having. My skin looks better than ever by the way. All the washing and scrubbing and expensive creams didn’t do what the 2 weeks of vegan eating has done to my skin. I look refreshed. And I am happy about it.

Not much else to report other than my current challenge of cooking for the week. Most of the meals I’ve learned to have ready as a vegan, are not suitable for one week amount, and I have to come up with a solution and recipes that I can store and take to work. So I will let you all know how this challenge goes by next week. 

One last thing I discovered; the raw cocoa is amazing in smoothies, just don’t have it on its on, because you will try to get rid of the taste out of your mouth for the rest of the day 🙂 Suppose to be one of the healthiest deserts you could have. I am going to try new recipes with it and satisfy my chocolate craving this way. 

I will keep you all posted !



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