Detoxifying, the soul?

I do have to apologize for not updating on my detox for couple of weeks, but one of the reasons is what I am going to tell you today. 

It has been tough; I was extremely tired for few days, and tried so hard to socialize, and I was wondering what is happening to me. I felt anti activity. I wanted to come home and just lay down and think. Until I asked around and research and found out;

This is what is suppose to happen. There is nothing wrong with me, my body and soul is cleansing and I have to give it time and rest and nature it, stay quiet for a while. To be frank, I did not believe the effect this detox would have on my soul. I did think I could do it myself, and use to this time to cleans my soul and rejuvenate and start fresh, but I did not think this way of eating and this detox automatically will start effecting my soul and my mind this way, without me forcing it to happen.

So, my biggest challenge last couple of weeks has been, eating enough. I am getting use to drinking smoothies, and I need a lot more of it. The second one has been trying to keep up with the busy life and keep quiet in the mind and rest enough at the same time. If I had the choice I would have taken this time off and just focus. 

So by now I am coming to an understanding how this detox should fee and how I have to cope with it. The feeling of cleansing out is far stronger than I expected to be. The bottled up emotions, regrets, fears, bad energies basically, do come up and at first you just feel as if yo are just hormonal, but then you realize what is happening;

You have to deal with all that, open up the bottom drawers, throw everything out, dust of the drawer and fold everything that is left to be used again, and put them back in. An inside out spring cleaning is what this detox does to you. 

Before I forget, I did learn something else about the food and what my body needs; Having to eat an alkaline food to balance out my acidic body, for years of accumulating too much of it is the key. Once I started to realize what I need to eat, I started to feel the discharges, the infections and everything bad in my body to come out. It is important to know what food belongs to which category and what effect your body needs, so if you eat a balanced meal, you body will adjust to it automatically.

Protein, protein, protein. I have to keep remembering to add that, because when you are eating raw and vegan, it is easy to forget. 

So this is it for now. I am sorry or lack of pictures, you can tell how hungry I have been, couldn’t wait to drink all those raw foods, no times for pictures. I will have the for you next week, when I am at the end of the process and more on the hang of it 🙂



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