Detox Completed!!

Great news!!! I completed my detox today.  Very much proud of myself that I held on and made it through. I have a very unexpected feeling; sadness. I am sad that is over. This whole adventure has been up and down and amazing!!!

So to no surprise from those of you that are experts at this, I have decided that I do not want to stop from eating raw, at least most of the day. I tried eating cooked food and had a night out to have some regular meal, and boy I missed the light feeling I had after my veggie juice. I never thought I would come to this conclusion, but as everything else in life, it starts with something little and escalates into something so meaningful and amazing.

My intention, when I started this whole thing was to just heal my condition, and get healthier, and boy was I so little minded; I found myself feeling more and more connected to the divine and being more aware of my body and soul, and my intention expanded day by day and I felt more and more aligned with the universe.

The raw veggies and fruits just acted as a soul cleaner I would say. I have been feeling fresh inside out. I use to be skeptic when vegans were mentioning how great they felt, how light and energetic they felt, and I never understood what they meant. But now, I say the same thing. It is very similar as working out I would say, until you do it, you do not know what you were missing, and the feeling is indescribable.

So the sum up of my experience with this raw eating full body detox, I can tell everyone, it has been a success, amazing, up and down and unexpected. Do it, and brace yourself for a great ride, and a whole lot of feelings and emotions, and connections that you never experienced before.

I will post some of the smoothies and veggies that I had, and my favourite deserts as well later on.

Detoxing has helped me evolve to a different level, which is a significant step in a person’s life as we all know. And you know at this point, you have passed a certain point and you can not go back to the person you were before.

I am excited for everyone that decides to try and open a new door to the divine for themselves.


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