What does the sign say?

You have probably heard by now that if you want to find out where you need to go and what you need to do to be happy or solve your problem, you should be aware of the signs, and see what the universe is telling you. Where it is directing you. Once you start doing that, being aware and present, you find yourself seeing them everywhere. But here comes the next dilemma; 

What do you do with it. I have had so many occasions that I had a clear cut sign in front of me, about a subject that I didn’t know what to do about, and I still couldn’t figure out what the sign was telling me. I knew this was a sign, I knew I needed to pay attention to it, I knew it was coming from cosmic consciousness, and I tried so hard to think and think and think and asked myself, asked in meditation, asked in prayers, to tell me what does this mean? And, nothing. My mind and my ego kept bringing reasons, a calculated thought that “made sense” based on what I wanted in my mind. And they were not taking me anywhere. My journal was full of signs, and no result. 

I had read somewhere that feelings are our directions. And I had forgotten about it, because basically I had confused my feelings about outside world, with my emotions. And today I was reminded of it. 

I had this great reminder and revelation, when a guy sat at the next table to me at Starbucks and was doing the work that I studied 3 years to do. I knew him from somewhere, gym or something like that I believe. I knew surely this was not a coincidence, as nothing is of course. But a sign. It was a sign for me, because all morning I was thinking about what should I do with my education. And there it was… So there I was back to the same problem; What does this mean? I know it is a sign, but what is it saying to me. Until it came to me;


This is a sign, it is not a clue!! Clues suppose to give you direction, and this is not a clue. How do I FEEL about it? How does this sign make me feel. This sign is reminding me of my question, what does my heart feel about it? 

And I instantly knew. It wasn’t about my mind trying to figure out what does the heart say. It was about how I feel when I see the sign. Universe is trying to show me how I feel about this. Trying to remind me what I truly want to do and what do I really want this sign to be. 

So there you go, signs are there to show you how you feel, to remind you that stop fooling yourself and make you stop running away from your heart. When you sit down next to a guy and what they are saying makes you FEEL a certain way, there you have your answer. It is the FEELING that becomes a clue.

From now on, I know what to do with the signs; I will ask, be present, and see how that random sign on the street is making me feel. I do not need to find a reason for it, I do not need to calculate, and I do not have to stick with what I think it is. The ONLY thing I need to do is to see how I feel about it. Am I laughing? Getting annoyed? Getting happy? Encouraged? Scared? That is my clue. To move on or to Stick. Do I want to feel like this again, or no?

Stop treating signs as clues, because our feelings are the clues that come from the signs we receive. So pay attention to them, trust me it is peace that lies beneath all of it. 



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