Gratitude is Surrender…

Have you ever heard the saying that “your life will change when you start a gratitude journal”? That gratitude is the only thing you need?

I’ve known this for a long time but I never really believed in it with my whole heart until recently I had an epiphany. Gratitude has a unique effect, makes you surrender, because unless you surrender you can not be happy for what you have. And being grateful for what you have requires to give up and surrender what you want and don’t have. Confused yet?? It is the chicken and egg situation. Once you surrender your desires and whatever is forcing you not wanting the NOW, you will start to feel grateful for what you actually have.

I find it that it always helps me to find out why something works and another doesn’t. The why has always been more important to me than the what. And of course this has never been an attractive quality of mine, in the eyes of my teachers and parents of course. Can you imagine how time consuming and annoying would be to have to answer to a child’s “stupid” questions, specially when you don’t know the answers? And of course with no answer, I had never accepted what was forced on me or asked of me. Ergo I was not an “easy” child as they say.

Today I find this quality one of my best ones and the one that has helped me to learn whatever I have learned in my life, and for that I am grateful, I am grateful for a quality in me that everyone hated.

So what came after this feeling you wonder?

Of course It made me embrace the rest of my personality and my qualities, no matter how hard, unpleasant, unacceptable they have been, I am sure there are reasons for them being there.

Be thankful for the WHOLE of you, some day you will find them useful.



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