Age is an illusion…

 For a long time, I could not convince others how old I was. I looked so much younger that I couldn’t even believe myself, when it came out of my mouth. I basically had to think for a moment to remember the number, because it didn’t mean anything to me. I felt ageless. 

I use to think just because I was not mature enough, or I was acting younger than my age, and I never felt as mature as girls my age, then my physique followed the same attitude and aged slowly as well. I was truly like a child inside; I only thought about today, I wanted everything at that moment, I didn’t care what happened in the past and i didn’t care for future either, there was only Now. so I was upset if that moment sucked or I was happy if it was great. And this went on for quite a while until I started to get effected by my surroundings, and some tough situations came along my path. I started to listen to others, to people older than me, and started to think maybe i should start doing what they are doing, so I wont make the same mistakes again. And sure enough, I started to change. I started to age. Not only I wasn’t happier, and I didn’t stop making mistakes, but I lost my natural ability to cope and fix my issues, and be in the now. I started to feel older, life started to effect me, and my physique started to age. I was acting like others were, so I was in fact “growing up”. Wasn’t that great?

No it wasn’t. It took me years of misery and losing my soul, feeling rusty and effected by life to get me here; The place that I have realized they were wrong! 
I was fine before. That was the only way anyone should live. Being in the now. I realized why I wasn’t aging for a long time, and why I felt ageless; Because time didn’t exist for me, I was in the NOW. Like a little baby that doesn’t know what time means. 
The soul doesn’t age, only evolves. This physique listens to our mind, and tries to satisfy what we are asking of it; If we try so hard to run forward, forget the now and “Grow up” we are sucking the energy out of our body, and like an empty balloon, we start to wrinkle. 
So I have rejuvenated my soul, and my moment. This is all I need, the NOW to be. And day by day I see myself in the mirror how much better I look. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is never here, and the only moment that never ends is the NOW. And this is all we need to know that age is an illusion. 
Try it, you have nothing to lose but numbers.

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