The right to be famous.

Humans of New York is a website owned by a young photographer in New York City, which captures images of ordinary people on the streets, usually with a comment or a story about them attached. The other day I saw yet another image of a guy in need, posted on HONY that made everyone jump out to help him, a homeless guy that on a regular basis we probably would pass by and not even notice…
This made me wonder; What is so different about seeing a homeless man on a Facebook page from seeing them on the street?
And I remembered a comment from Oprah Winfrey, that the one thing all of her nearly 30,000 guests had in common: They all wanted validation. According to her, every single person you will ever meet shares that common desire. They want to know: ‘Do you see me? Do you hear me? Does what I say mean anything to you?’…
So what about this homeless man? Why do we see him differently now? Is it because these images were seen by everyone? Has the image on a website made them get validated? Did it Make others to have more empathy when they feel the validation? Is it because that man now is  famous?…
Fame brings love, brings validation, and everyone wants to be a part of that…
Why is fame so attractive, why do so many of us want to be famous? What is fame anyway?
They say fame is not real, but an illusion that others have of you, a story that they make of you and fall in love with. Is this true? Seems that it all depends on what you show, if the show is real, they will fall in love with the truth, you will become famous for your truth, part of it anyhow.
So why do we want to be famous? Is it to be rich? You can be rich without being famous, is it to be powerful? You can be powerful without being famous, is it to be loved?…
That is the bottom line, isn’t it? Being loved, being validated is at the bottom of this. Being loved, brings us back to our truest self, getting a stamp of approval for just being on this planet, for being who we are.
As every human being deserves to be validated (Why else would they be on this planet, if they did not have the right to be) is it safe to say; Every human being has the right to be famous? Or better say; Does every single one of us have the right to be known? As we are all unique souls on this planet (Or whatever you want to call us), don’t we all deserve to be known by ALL?
Imagine if every single person on this earth was well-known, was praised for their unique talents, for just being here and loved for their strengths or weaknesses. A massive classroom that is filled with famous kids, being praised for what they are bringing to the table.
I believe in what Oprah says; We are all looking to be validated, validated for simply being on this earth, if that was happening, we could just stop “trying” to prove ourselves to the world, and start being ourselves, who we were meant to be, be loved and be famous for being just as we are.
Fame is not fake, it’s a reality mistaken for a “privilege for the lucky”. I believe this is the reason why when a person in need of help is put under a magnifying glass, we all jump out to help. Because deep down we all know; Every person needs to be famous, every person needs to be validated. And most of the time we need a camera with a zoom in feature to help us “see” the others.
If only our eyes were as equipped as our phones and cameras…. Let us see each other, and validate each other, we are all famous, in the eyes of a beholder.

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