Validate Yourself!

Have you ever thought about why do you care what he thinks?
When you meet a guy you adore, when you find someone “perfect” , someone that you have always wanted, someone that you put on a pedestal, and you anxiously wait to get his attention, to be liked by him, to be loved and adored by him, and underneath of all, to get validated by him; What are you looking for exactly?
We forget the fact that we are the one choosing the guy, to whom we want approval from in the first place. Have you ever thought about how and why we choose a certain guy for that? Is it because that is the kind of person we approve of? I realize this must mean what we really are looking for, is our own validation.
To me certain relationships are there to validate our own being, and what this reminds me is that, all we are looking for and need is our own soul’s validation. Our own stamp of approval.
This might mean that as long as we do approve of our own life, our own personality, our own being, as long as we love who we are, the admired being will do as such.
Just a thought for today, going back to the same original saying; Love yourself and your desires, that is all you need.

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