Someone Like You…

Have you ever listened to  “Someone like you”  by Adele? What do you think of it? I can not help but wonder:
When you lose someone, or decide to walk away, when you are still in love with someone, do you wish there was someone just like them that could love you back? Is there a lesson there to learn? We all know there is always a lesson to learn, no experience is wasted..
My thought is, there is a possibility that “Someone like you” is the last thing we would want for us, just imagine this:
If someone like him was meant to be mine, he would have. I consider that the timing is everything, but also some types of people are just there to help you grow and make you realize what you want and don’t want. For instance, I am not sure if desire to be with someone that has no empathy anymore. Someone that has no moral values. Although I am quite earthbound and selfish myself, but I still have boundaries and maybe a balanced relationship would help.
Every person you meet, every time you fall in love, you are meant to learn something. Either for a lifetime, to help you go through the rest of your life, or just for a year, or a few months, or even a week. If they only need to be in your life for a year to make you learn and grow, then so be it.
Now, this makes you realize; Who am I to interfere with universe’s plan. I am just a lost soul in this universe, trying to find myself and go higher. And if universe is putting someone infront of me and tells me to learn to be strong, to choose, I need to do as such. instead of screaming like a spoiled brat that this is not what I wanted. Listen to my create, listen to my core, listen to my soul. What I need is what I am experiencing. So be it..
This is just one possibility of millions, but it does worth considering,  and next time we are on our way to meeting a copy of our lost lover, give it a moment of awareness..

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