Someone Like You…

Have you ever listened to  “Someone like you”  by Adele? What do you think of it? I can not help but wonder:
When you lose someone, or decide to walk away, when you are still in love with someone, do you wish there was someone just like them that could love you back? Is there a lesson there to learn? We all know there is always a lesson to learn, no experience is wasted..
My thought is, there is a possibility that “Someone like you” is the last thing we would want for us, just imagine this:
If someone like him was meant to be mine, he would have. I consider that the timing is everything, but also some types of people are just there to help you grow and make you realize what you want and don’t want. For instance, I am not sure if desire to be with someone that has no empathy anymore. Someone that has no moral values. Although I am quite earthbound and selfish myself, but I still have boundaries and maybe a balanced relationship would help.
Every person you meet, every time you fall in love, you are meant to learn something. Either for a lifetime, to help you go through the rest of your life, or just for a year, or a few months, or even a week. If they only need to be in your life for a year to make you learn and grow, then so be it.
Now, this makes you realize; Who am I to interfere with universe’s plan. I am just a lost soul in this universe, trying to find myself and go higher. And if universe is putting someone infront of me and tells me to learn to be strong, to choose, I need to do as such. instead of screaming like a spoiled brat that this is not what I wanted. Listen to my create, listen to my core, listen to my soul. What I need is what I am experiencing. So be it..
This is just one possibility of millions, but it does worth considering,  and next time we are on our way to meeting a copy of our lost lover, give it a moment of awareness..

Post-It Note of the morning.

I can feel my heart, and it’s fit to burst, I try to clean it up, but I just get worse,

wish I could fall, on a night like this,

into you loving arms, for a moonlight kiss

I thought I saw your face, in an evening sky

on a lonesome cloud that was drifting by

wish I could fall, on a night like this, to your loving arms for a moonlight kiss..

You got someone else, maybe it’s for the best.

since I took the cure, for happiness, and I’d trade it all, on a night like this, for your loving arms, and a moonlight kiss..

Bap Kennedy, Moonlight kiss, Serendipity sound track, one of my favourite movies. Universe and its powers..

Too much to say and non at all…

Have you ever reached a moment that you felt there is nothing left to say? And yet again, there were thousand words a second marching pass your eyes, thinking; But if I wanted to say something, this would be it. And then the broken record goes on and on, and yet again, your heart takes of the needle and says: There is nothing that needs to be said sweetheart, you have your answer…Too much to say and non at all…


I received a message the other day from someone, that maybe 6 months ago would have been the name I wanted to see on my phone. Of course, it always comes when you are passed the desire to receive any, moved on and are happy. It made me smile. He had mentioned something in the message that he use to make fun of, he was trying to be cute and it made me smile for a split second, and then, that was it. Nothing else followed. No apology, not an open heart, no sign of trying to make things right, just a breeze of the past.
I put the phone down and smiled at my friend, she said; aren’t you gonna answer him? I said; what would I say to this? all that pain and all that heartache, and this is it. Too much to say and non at all. She said: What if there was a gesture?
I saw a movie about big gestures, when a guy does a woman wrong, in a slightest bit, and needs to make a big gesture to make it right, if there is a slightest chance to make it right, he needs to have a slightest care in his heart to do so. And this made me wonder; Would I have done differently if there was a gesture. I do not know, and I would never know I guess. But I do know, if you need to turn a heart in the opposite direction, you need a big move on the wheel to do so.
To forgive just means to accept the past for what it was and not to close your heart because of a hard lesson that you had to learn. So as I forgive and not forget, I smile and put the phone down. It is all been said and non at all…

A Spiritual Lie

Today I’m trying to clear why some lies fit in spiritual lies category and some don’t. First lets describe a spiritual lie,  I have made up this category for lies as I realized their effects;

Have you ever got caught in a situation that wanted to look good, or not to lose face or wanted something so badly, and in the moment your mouth just opens and you tell it, you lie about something that in your mind it would be great if it happens? I have..

Telling your ex-boyfriend that you are getting married and are moving out of country (which is in fact no where near the truth), or you’re moving to a town you love soon ( which is no where close to happening)… And after you forget about the lie, or just a while later, you open up your eyes and here you are; getting married and moving out of country, moving to a town you love, etc.

I call these lies spiritual lies, the lies that you tell because it comes from your subconscious mind all of a sudden, and it becomes true in universe’s mysterious ways..

It has happened to me quite a few times, lied because I loved those words to come out of my mouth, or just simply I needed it to be true, these are some of the reasons that those lies work I believe, but now I really want to get to the bottom of it and see why are some lies just simply lies and some lies turn into reality? Spiritual lies or White lies?

When you first get the urge to lie about something you don’t have or is not happening, there is this tingling in your heart that this would have been awesome if it was true, then the energy might go two different ways, or three for that matter;

1. Then as the words are out in the air and hear yourself saying those words, a smile appears on your face and you feel the joy of that lie being a reality, and you feel how much you want it to be a reality, and you get caught in the lie you told and now in order to go with the flow you get dragged on to that direction, and subconsciously believe that this will happen because you believed yourself and the other persons reaction.. So there you go, you find yourself seeing your lie becoming a reality just by believing yourself 🙂

2. Second direction is a bit more complicated; when you hear yourself telling the lie, you feel disappointed that is not true, you are reminded that this is what the person’s expectig from you and you don’t have it, you feel the sadness in you and a sense of failure because you feel now you are going to have to disappear, because you don’t want others to find out about your lie, and you end up telling another lie to cover the first lie and another lie.. Now why do you think this time was different? Why didn’t you feel the joy as you said those words, why didn’t you believe yourself, why didn’t you let yourself get lost in that lie and why did you feel disappointed in yourself and why did you resist the words that you told? I think as I am typing this the answer is slowly appearing from behind the sentences.. anyways, the second direction took place because you told a white lie..

The truth is the spiritual lie comes from a deeper place, the first direction happened because you told your heart’s desire, and as you spoke the words you realized how much you wanted it and the joy of having it fulfilled you, and of course as we all know, this is all you need to make it a reality…

Now the second direction happened because as you were speaking out loud, the words that you thought the other person needs to hear for you to get what you want, you felt that this is what “is suppose to be ” but you didn’t really want that, those words made you feel bad, hearing those words didn’t make you feel good because you just wanted them to be true for the other person, not for you.. in other words, you “thought” you wanted those.. Your heart rejected it as you said it out loud, no joy comes from that and no desire… You do not want to feel it and you do not want to know how it would feel like to have that, why? Because you did not really in your subconcious mind wanted it. You might have told that lie for million other reasons; to fit in, to make a good impression, to make them like you, to get somewhere or something…

I think we became a little bit more clear about why some lies fit in spiritual lies and some don’t.

there is a third reason there as well you might have guessed, what if you change your attitude towards all this lies? What if you try to believe it yourself and enjoy it ? Is it possible in any condition? I personalit believe you can only feel it if it is coming from deepest place and heart’s desire and universe is backing it up, the feeling can not be lied or pushed, well that is for another day to discuss…

Try it, lie your desire and see… 🙂

Love Danubelle